Why Your Business Can’t Succeed Without Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free online web service that allows you to obtain information such as:

  • number of visitors going onto your site.
  • how visitors found your site
  • the most engaging pages of your site. 

With the proper information provided by Google Analytics, you can see in real time how to improve your website and how to attract more visitors, engage visitors for longer on your site, and avoid bounces. 

Google Analytics is also a free service and somewhat easy to set up on your own. A simple copy/paste of some code into your site is all you need to do. Sign up yourself or Recipi can help set up Google Analytics for you.

Without Analytics:

  • no way to diagnose problems
  • completely guessing if advertising is working on not, resulting in wasted time, effort and money. 
  • no understanding of what services, products, or offers your visitors are most interested in. 
  • can not determine if social media efforts are effective or not. 
  • can not test new messaging or new offers. 
  • no geographic or demographic, data (where do my visitors live? are they mostly male or female? etc)

Why Do I Need Analytics?

Upon first glance, analytics may seem like an overwhelming experience that is going to be too hard to learn and take full advantage of. The ultimate truth is that analytics can be used for a number of simple reasons and you simply cannot compete in today’s digital marketplace without web analytics on your site. Web analytics are a collection of reports about your website activity.  Web analytics platforms like Google Analytics (free) help you understand important insights, for example:

  • How many visitors came to your website?
  • How did your visitors find you?
  • What pages do people visit most?
  • What causes visitors to leave your site?

With this information, you can then run targeted ads based on most common places people are visiting your site from and will be able to make educated changes to your site with that you know are the right choice, rather than guessing on what to change without the help from analytics.

Google Analytics App

If you still aren’t convinced that Google Analytics is arguable the most powerful tool for small businesses,  it’s important to know that google analytics offers a mobile app for Android and iOS.  After connecting your website to the analytics app you can quickly check in on your web analytics on the go.  

As a business owner, there is no reason to not have analytics on your site, especially with how easy it is with Google.  Google Analytics gives you piles of free information that can only make your company better and website run more efficiently. Let us help you set up Google Analytics on your website today!


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