How To Differentiate Your Rental Business.  (What Makes You Special?)

What makes your rental business different?  Naturally, your business will have particular strengths which will produce value for customers such as price, selection, or outstanding customer service. Understanding and leveraging your businesses uniqueness will attract customers and help you grow. It’s OK to be different, in fact, its essential. This post is part of our rental business 101 series where we share tips on how to grow your rental business.

Differentiation is the secret sauce that sets your business apart. To find what sets you apart, reflect on your business processes. Look for your competitive advantage, or abilities superior to your competition to learn how to compete in your local market.  Rental business owners tend to go directly to price as a key differentiator, but with price goes your margins.  Rather than competing on price alone, consider the other ways you can differentiate yourself.  

  1. convenience (easy ordering, convenient physical location)
  2. customer service (answering the phone quickly, friendly customer service team)
  3. selection / flexibility (offering goods and services that others don’t have or aren’t willing to provide) 
  4. packaging (creating packages for common rental items / services) 


As an example, if you differentiate yourself through customer service, utilize online customer reviews to vocalize your strength.  You could include your positive online reviews front and center on your rental business website. Or, if pricing is your biggest strength, then consider including your pricing on your site. 

Your business is unique. Don’t shy away from what makes you different from the others, embrace it!  Finding what sets your rental business apart will help you grow.  

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