Website Creation & Development

What is it?

Websites for small businesses. Websites can be created using a DIY tool like Wix is a leading Do-It-Yourself tool that lets you create a stunning website without any coding or design experience required. Try Wix for free! Not a Do-It-Youselfer? No Problem! We have a few amazing web development partners who would be thrilled to build a professional website for you. We will get you a few quotes from our favorite web development companies for small businesses. Get your website development project started here!

Why should I care?

You should consider your website an investment. If done right, your website could be the best investment you will ever make for your business. There are so many ways to get your website project wrong, so we want to be a resource to you and help you get it right. If you want to create a website or update your existing site please get in touch!

How does it work?

A “good” business website does more than just sit there and look good. A modern website should balance design, the user experience, SEO, accessibility (mobile friendly, works on all screen sizes) and performance (site is fast, safe, reliable) among other factors.

Most common problems with small business websites include:

  • Nice visual design, but the site doesn’t drive business.
  • Website is old / outdated. A good website looks modern and is updated with fresh content! Sites that are more than 10 years old don’t work well on mobile devices and look very tired.
  • Site is slow / unsecure. Today, Google actively punishes websites that load slowly or are unsafe for users.
  • Website doesn’t speak to target customers. One of the most common issues we see is a website that was built for the business, not for the customer.
  • No website analytics, no way to learn and improve.