Social Media Marketing

What is it?

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service.  Social Media Marketing can be a fantastic tool for staying connected to your customers or prospects.  

Why should I care?

People spend considerable time on their favorite social media sites. This is a great opportunity to connect with your customers (and your potential customers). Your customers and potential customers need to be reminded from time to time that your business exists and that you’re ready to serve them. Posting updates, specials, promotions, success stories, etc is a great way to keep your business “top of mind.” Lastly, people love to share!

How does it work?

Posting on social media is an easy, free way to communicate with your followers. Rather than depending on customers to remember your business, you can reach out to them where they spend their internet play-time. There is a “halo effect” that occurs when your fans / followers participate in your social media. Your business can now be shown to your followers’ followers. (If your Mom comments on a business’s post, you may see it, even if you aren’t a follower.)

Free (or organic) Social Media Marketing

You can try to grow your social media following organically (for free).  By sharing updates, engaging in conversations, mentioning your customers, etc you can develop a following on social media platforms for free. 

Paid Social Media Marketing (Social Media Advertising)

As you’ve certainly noticed, businesses can run extremely targeted ads on social media platforms.  The reason Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit advertising is so effective is that users voluntarily hand over their demographic data (age, location, gender, etc) as well as their interests.  Because Facebook and other platforms have such robust data about it’s users, these platforms offer extremely targeted advertising services.  For example, you can create an ad on Facebook targeting women, age 24-46, married, with a college degree, in certain geographic areas, who are interested in gardening. 

Recipi can help you being your Social Media Marketing journey, or help you set up a paid social media marketing campaign.  Contact us today to get started.