Website Creation & Development

Websites for rental businesses.

Recipi creates beautiful, high-performing websites for rental businesses.  We offer customized websites using Squarespace or WordPress.  Why would you hire a website developer who doesn’t understand the rental business?  The Recipi teams understands that a good rental website does more than just look pretty.  Our websites are built to help you grow and compete online.



  • Web analytics
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Contact forms that integrate with business apps
  • Security & performance


  • Our websites are built with 13+ years of experience in the rental industry
  • The Recipi team has created rental business websites across multiple segments, including holiday lighting rentals, tent rentals, wedding arch rentals, etc.
  • Our sites do more than just drive inquiries and customers.  We include savvy rental business tips like a “start here” page that helps save time by answering all of the frequently asked questions that used to result in time-consuming phone calls.

Just like your rental equipment, your website is an investment, not just a cost. 

You should consider your website an investment. If done right, your website could be the best investment you will ever make for your business. There are so many ways to get your website project wrong, so we want to be a resource to you and help you get it right. If you want to create a website or update your existing site please get in touch!

Most common problems with small business websites include:

  • Nice visual design, but the site doesn’t drive business.
  • The website designer doesn’t understand SEO.  
  • Website is old / outdated. A good website looks modern and is updated with fresh content! Sites that are more than 10 years old don’t work well on mobile devices and look very tired.
  • Site is slow / unsecure. Today, Google actively punishes websites that load slowly or are unsafe for users.
  • Website doesn’t speak to target customers. One of the most common issues we see is a website that was built for the business, not for the customer.
  • No website analytics, no way to learn and improve.