Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) is the art / science of increasing the traffic to your website through organic search engine results. In layman’s terms, “getting more free traffic to your website by ranking higher on a Google search.”

Imagine if people in your area Googled “party rentals,” “equipment rentals,” “chair rentals” etc and your site came up #1.  The free traffic to your site drives inquiries and customers and is tremendously valuable.  Many rental business website have little / no SEO value, making it difficult for them to grow.

Why should I care?

Appearing prominently in a Google search result will result in more visitors and ultimately more customers.  Think about what keywords / key phrase searches your business would like to appear in and use those terms in key places on your site.  Keep reading to learn more about keyword research, on-page SEO factors, and SEO tips. 

How does SEO work?

When a person does a Google search, they hope to find the best answer possible to their question. So how does Google determine what is the “best,” answer? Well, it’s extremely complicated and no single person knows the exact formula, but Google (and other search engine) give us some hints as to how they work. Here is our short answer, for a much much longer answer, please see our friends at

Let’s use Backyard Tent Rental, a small tent rental business in the Boston area as an easy example.  Potential customer are Googling “tent rental prices” or simply “tent rentals” so you want to make sure you use the keywords “tent rentals” in a few key places on your site

Your URLs

Try to include valuable keywords in your URLs, so instead of
you would want to use

That simple act of using the keywords or phrases in your URLs will help Google understand that your site would be a good answer to a searcher’s question.

Page Titles

Hover over your page at the top of your browser and notice the words that appear (non-mobile device). That is the page title and its extremely important to SEO.

The most common mistake with page titles is formatting it to simply say: “Home – Backyard Tent Rental.”

Instead, try to be descriptive and helpful while using valuable SEO keywords, for example “Backyard Tent Rental | Tent & Party Rentals | Serving Boston.” Notice the use of keywords and location in the title. Try to keep it under 60 characters. 

Links from other websites

One way for Google to determine which sites to rank highest in a search result are links.  Think about links as “votes.” If were to write an article about tent rentals and they linked to your site, that acts as a “vote” from a very trusted site, and will help boost your SEO.

There are many other “on-page” SEO factors, but those are the most important ones. For a complete list, check out – SEO experts