Mobile Friendliness

What is it?

Mobile Friendliness (mobile responsive design) simply put means “how easy is it to use your website from a mobile device (phone, tablet, etc).”

Why should I care?

Two reasons.

  1. Your visitors. If your website visitors can’t easily read and interact with your site on their mobile device, they are less likely to take the next steps, and more likely to leave.
  2. Google “punishes” websites that aren’t mobile friendly. Because 70% of all internet traffic now comes from a mobile device, Google and other search engines actually demote or punish sites that aren’t mobile friendly. The end result is your website not appearing prominently in a Google search.

How does it work?

Most website builder platforms like Wix or WordPress now do the heavy lifting for you. When a user is on a mobile device, the images, font size, buttons and other elements of your site are adjusted to match the screen size. If your site is not mobile friendly, this is your #1 priority! 

If your business website is NOT mobile-friendly please get in touch ASAP!  Recipi can help you create a beautiful, mobile-friendly business website.