How To Grow Your Tool Rental Business

How To Grow Your Tool Rental Business:

The tool / equipment rental space had been dominated by small, local rental shops for decades.  The tool rental space is getting a bit more competitive with Home Depot offering tool rentals, and simply by the convenience of next day shipping on Amazon for those who would rather own than rent. 

So, how can you grow your tool rental business?  In this blog post, we will focus on digital marketing tools and advertising techniques that favor small, local rental businesses over the giants of the space. 

Google My Business Listing

A Google My Business Listing is a fantastic tool to showcase your local rental business on the web. This FREE service from Google literally puts your business on the map.  It helps new customers find you, displays your hours, showcases online reviews and photos, and comes with an incredibly easy to use the app so you can change your holiday hours, upload photos, and more. Short on time or worried you can’t do it? Let us set up your Google My Business Listing!  

A Google My Business Listing is a must for any rental business that serves customers locally. Google understands that certain searches require local results (barber shops, restaurants, coffee shops, etc) and a Google My Business Listing is the best way to appear in local search results.  

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to form a personal connection with either potential or current customers. Tools such as Constant Contact or MailChimp help make creating email campaigns easy.  Email marketing is a fantastic relationship building tool for rental businesses.  As you add new customers to your database or CRM, you can easily export your list into an email marketing tool and send targeted campaigns to your customers.  

Recipi can help you create a winning email marketing strategy.  For example, expecting a heavy rain storm?  Send an email campaign to your customer list reminding them that you rent fans, de-humidifiers, and carpet blowers to dry up after the storm.  Got a new product?  Share it with your customers via email and get the word out. 

Google Ads

Google Ads is a great way to promote your tool rental business.  Google Ads (mainly their pay per click advertising product) is a fantastic advertising tool for rental businesses that puts your ad at the top of a Google search.  You get full control on which searches your ad will appear on, so you can target terms like “auger rentals,” “scissor lifts for rent,” or “leaf blower rentals.”

In addition to choosing which keywords you want your ad to appear on, you can also control the geographic area where your ads are shown (only show my ad to a 20 mile radius around my location, or only show my ads to people searching from these cities), as well as other valuable configuration options like day / time to show your ads, daily budget, which devices to target (“exclude mobile,” or “bid 20% less if user is on tablet, etc). 

Sponsor a Local Youth Sports Team

One good way to start making a name for yourself or your rental business in the community is by showing that you care. By sponsoring a local youth sports team you will not only appear as an active and supportive member of the community but you can also receive potential tax breaks as well!  More importantly, sponsoring will give you an outstanding value for your dollar. You can find out more about these benefits at or


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