Free Marketing Tools for Law Firms

Free Marketing Tools for Law Firms:

As a law firm, your focus is always on your clients. We realize it might be tough to spend your few available moments on web marketing your law firm, but every practice can benefit from these marketing free marketing tools to grow their business.

You are probably familiar with some of these tools, but here are a few of our favorite free tools for small businesses to start off 2019. We aren’t going to include ourselves in this list, but it would be bad business to not mention the fact that Recipi is a free small business tool that gives hand-crafted insights, recommendations, and resources to help small businesses learn and compete in today’s digital marketplace. If you can follow a recipe, you can grow your law practice.

Google Analytics

You simply cannot compete in today’s digital marketplace without web analytics on your site. Web analytics are a collection of reports about your website activity.  Web analytics platforms like Google Analytics (free) help you understand important insights, for example:
• How many visitors came to your website?
• How did your visitors find you?
• What pages do people visit most?
• What causes visitors to leave your site?

Google Analytics is free and somewhat easy to set up on your own.  Sign up yourself or Recipi can help set up Google Analytics for you  Having Google Analytics installed on your site is the best way to learn and grow as a small business.  We realize you didn’t decide to start your own business because you have a thirst for web analytics, but this free tool from Google is crucial. You can check on your website analytics on the go with Google’s outstanding Google Analytics mobile app.  Checking in a few times per week can get you comfortable with some of the basics. 

Having Google Analytics installed on your site is priority #1 for any kind of small business who wants to improve their web marketing and grow. 



Communication with clients is key in the law industry. With Voicea all your conversations can be recorded, saved, and activated upon. You will never miss what your client says again. Voicea utilizes a virtual assistant, “EVA” to record and create a transcript of everyone in the meeting and is already built into a plethora of platforms such as Zoom, BlueJeans, or even direct dials. The transcripts then are utilized by the team through integration with Slack, Salesforce, Trello, or etc. to accomplish the goals of that meeting with everyone on the same page.


Staying up to date on social media posting is challenging, but can be pivotal in growing your new perspective clients list. With Buffer (free), all your social accounts can be managed in one place, allowing easy content scheduling for you rather than posting through five different networks daily. Buffer automatically publishes according to the posting schedule you create, even allowing you to select post times. You can check how the post performs through their analytics and add multiple team members to allow full posting access or required approvals.

Google My Business Listing

A Google My Business Listing is a fantastic tool to showcase your local business on the web.  This FREE service from Google literally puts your firm on the map.  It helps new customers find you, displays your hours and services, showcases online reviews and photos, and comes with an incredibly easy to use the app so you can change your holiday hours, upload photos, and more.  Short on time or worried you can’t do it? Let us set up your Google My Business Listing!  

A Google My Business Listing is a must for any business who serves a customers locally.  Google understands that certain searches require local results (barber shops, restaurants, coffee shops, etc) and a Google My Business Listing is the best way to appear in local search results.  

About Recipi


Recipi is a free tool that gives recommendations, insights and resources to help small businesses improve their web marketing and grow.  We analyze your business website and other marketing touch points (social media, online reviews, etc) to give simple, understandable suggestions on how to improve your web presence.  Go to to get your business “recipi,” today.