Marketing Ideas for Dental Practices

Google My Business Listing

A Google My Business Listing is a fantastic tool to showcase your local business on the web.  This FREE service from Google literally puts your firm on the map.  It helps new customers find you, displays your hours and services, showcases online reviews and photos, and comes with an incredibly easy to use the app so you can change your holiday hours, upload photos, and more.  Short on time or worried you can’t do it? Let us set up your Google My Business Listing!  

This FREE service from Google is a must for any dental practice who serves their local community. Google understands that certain searches require local results (barber shops, restaurants, coffee shops, etc) and a Google My Business Listing is the best way to appear in local search results.

Online Reviews 

Review sites such as Google reviews, Angie’s List, Yelp, etc. are widely utilized by consumers today to find their chosen product or service. Consumers’ find the ease of use and experiences of past consumers extremely valuable in the decision-making process.  

Businesses thirst for “word of mouth,” referrals which usually take place offline among friends, family or colleagues, but online reviews have a longer life-span and reach more people than word of mouth referrals. 

Having a sign asking clients to review us on Yelp, or Google can help encourage more feedback.  It’s generally frowned upon to offer a reward for a positive review, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with reminding your best customers that you value their feedback. 🙂 


Social Media Marketing on Facebook

Does your practice currently utilize social media to the fullest extent? The marketing abilities social media enables today can benefit a business’ reputation and help gain new customers with the help of your existing ones. Not to mention, it’s FREE!

Take Facebook for example, which allows business to create their own page. This gives customers the ability to ‘like’ and ‘share’ the good work you do for them online for their peers to see. It can also be simply promoted with a sign at the reception desk saying “Like us on Facebook.” Therefore when customers come to check in, they will take notice, and the customers will be curious what it has to say and a likely to check it out as they wait for their appointment.

On another note, social media can be a great spot to endorse promotions.  Your existing customers now have the opportunity to share with their friends online, whether it be sharing the post or making their own post about it “tagging” the business, thus showcasing you to a wide new audience.


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