Best Free Tools For Small Business In 2019

You are probably familiar with some of these tools, but here are a few of our favorite free tools for small businesses to start off 2019. We aren’t going to include ourselves in this list, but it would be bad business to not mention the fact that Recipi is a free tool that gives hand-crafted insights, recommendations and resources to help small businesses learn and compete in today’s digital marketplace. If you can follow a recipe, you can grow your business.

There, now that that’s out of the way, here is my list of best free SMB tools for 2019.

#6) Zapier

Zapier helps automate workflows. Sounds complicated but its not. Think about the repetitive tasks your business handles. Zapier helps connect your tools and automate tasks like taking an email inquiry from your website and moving it into Trello, a spreadsheet, or your CRM. Zapier is the “connective tissue” between all of your business tools. Try Zapier to automate your workflows and save you time!

#5) Google Drive

Google Drive is Google’s simple (awesome) cloud storage / collaboration tool. Businesses can utilize Google Drive to securely store important documents, collaborate as a team, or share info with customers. Google Drive is free for individuals, or comes as part of Google’s Gsuite.


Mint is a free tool that helps individuals (or businesses) monitor spending, create budgets, and take control of their finances. Mint is free and easy, and since its owned by tech-giant Intuit, you can assume your data is secure. As an alternative to accounting software, you can use Mint to quickly categorize spending for budget and tax purposes. In a nutshell, Mint can help you realize simple things like “wow, we spend a ton on cleaning supplies, we should look into that.”

#3) Google My Business

You’ve seen the local listing / map listing appear in Google searches for things like “Mexican restaurants” or “tax accountants.” Google My Business is the free platform that helps small businesses get found online, share business hours, give updates & promotions, and share photos. This free, powerful tool is a must-have for businesses serving a local audience.

Google gives excellent reports on how many people found your site, called your business, or clicked through to your website so you can track your success. Create your Google My Business listing today! Oh – Recipi gives advice, recommendations and resources to help you setup Google My Business.

#2) Google Analytics

You simply can not compete in today’s digital marketplace without web analytics on your site. Like asking a doctor to diagnose a patient base on a photo, improving your website without analytics is just ineffective. Web analytics are a collection of reports about your website activity. Web analytics platforms like Google Analytics (free) help you understand important insights, for example:

  • How many visitors came to your website?
  • How did your visitors find you?
  • What pages do people visit most?
  • What causes visitors to leave your site?

Google Analytics is free and somewhat easy to set up on your own. A simple copy / paste of some code into your site is all you need to do. Sign up yourself or Recipi can help setup Google Analytics for you.

…Since we took the time to compile this list and share it with you, (you’re welcome) we have a small favor to ask in return before we get to our #1 free tool. We didn’t include our web marketing tool Recipi, in this list because that would be rather shameless. So, we won’t mention the fact that Recipi is a free tool that gives small businesses hand-crafted insights and recommendations on how to improve their marketing and grow their business. I will also not mention that Recipi can find you professionals who would love to help you if you just don’t have the time to do these things yourself. Lastly, I won’t hit you with the tagline… If you can follow a recipe, you can grow your business. Get your Recipi for free today.

#1) Trello

Trello is the easy, free, flexible, and visual way to manage your projects and organize anything, trusted by millions of people from all over the world. Trello is an incredible simple tool (web or app) that lets you create tasks, manage projects, and track progress. We at Recipi use Trello for all of our projects and it is a game changer. In a snap, you can create a task (for example “write a snappy blog post about cats,) then add notes, a due date, a checklist, photos and more, then assign it to Jen, your marketing manager. Jen can comment, check off to-do’s from the checklist, then move the task to “Done!” once complete. As I write this blog post, I currently have Trello boards setup for work, for side-projects, for home-stuff with my wife, and a personal board for myself as a convenient place to add life to-do’s like “renew my passport,” or “get quote to remove tree in the backyard,” etc.

Trello can be used as a project management tool, a basecamp for ideas, a scheduling / operations tool, or anything else that requires collaboration. Trello is our #1 free tool for small businesses in 2019. Join Trello for free!

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