4 Easy Marketing Ideas for Salons & Spas

As a salon owner, your focus is always on your clients.  We realize it might be tough to spend your few available moments on web marketing your salon or spa business, but every salon or spa can benefit from these marketing tricks to grow and show their business.

So here are 4 marketing ideas for salon & spas for 2019.

  1. A professional looking, mobile-friendly website

First, if you don’t have a website, we can get you quotes from pros who can create a professional website for your salon or spa or you can do it yourself with a website builder tool like Wix.  Wix offer Salon and Spa templates and let’s you create a beautiful site that looks good on any device.    Your site is as important as your salon itself.  It tells your prospective clients what services you offer, what your salon looks like inside, your location, your unique approach, etc.   Without a website, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to find new customers. For most business owners, the conversation usually goes directly to finding new customers, but your site does more than that.  salon website builder

Your website can make your life more organized as a small business owner.  One example is online booking, giving the customer a hassle-free way to schedule their return, without having to call every time to book, change, or cancel an appointment.   Tools like MindBody handle marketing, online bookings, and point of sale.  

Even if you don’t want to automate your appointments, think of the time savings from having your website answer simple questions that probably drive you crazy all day.  

  • What are your hours today?
  • Where are you located / where can I park?
  • Do you do massages, nails, up-do’s, etc?
  • Do you offer gift certificates?


2.  Google My Business Listing

salon SEO Google My Business

  A Google My Business Listing is a fantastic tool to showcase your local business on the web.  This FREE service from Google literally puts your salon or spa on the map.  It helps new customers find you, displays your hours and services, showcases online reviews and photos, and comes with an incredible easy to use app so you can offer promotions, change your holiday hours, upload photos, and more.  Short on time or worried you can’t do it? Let us set up your Google My Business Listing!  


3. Social Media

Your customers use it, your employees use it, and therefore why shouldn’t your business? Social media provides the perfect platform to showcase your products or services for free, which at the end of the day can mean new business too!

Having a Facebook page allows your customer to ‘tag’ the business which can send new clients directly to your page and your website.  You don’t need much to get started, but if you’re short on time, we can find a pro to create a Facebook Business Listing for you quickly!  

4. Branded Photo Promotion

Who doesn’t feel great about themselves after a day of beauty?  This is a perfect moment to share your business with the world.  All you need is a picture!  Salt or iWatermark, (all available in App Store or Play Store) add your logo to images, allowing you or your client to create a professional looking promotional photo to share on social media.

salon social marketing

That client can now post that picture or share that picture with friends, and your brand is in the background, so they know exactly where they got that beautiful new haircut, nails, facial, etc.

Not sure where to being?  Try Recipi for free! 

Recipi is a free small business tool that gives hand-crafted insights, recommendations, and resources to help small businesses learn and compete in today’s digital marketplace.  If you can follow a recipe, you can grow your salon or spa business.